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A dedicated fun website on wine,  food and how to understand the alchemy between both.


Understand the Alchemy between wines & foods

The wine in the cellar as the food in the kitchen experiencing transformations that modify the appearance, texture, taste and ultimately affect the perception we have.

Steak tartare, grilled rib eye or beef ‘Bourguignon style’ have in common the use of the same basic product;however they required very different wines when speaking of food & wine pairing.

It is important to master the art of tasting and uncover the secrets of the chefs, using a technical and gastronomic approach that will be essential to understand what best goes between wines and foods.



Discover the professional wine service though basic tutorial

Which corkscrew to use?  How to open a bottle of wine? In which case wine has to be decanted or aerated? Which temperatures wine should be served?  Which wine glasses to choose? How many bottle should be offered, how to avoid the drops while serving wine?

The preparation of wines and wine service should follow some simple but essential rules to ensure that the dining, service and tasting are fully successful.


Well, we will finish this introduction with a famous quote by William Shakespeare that still give me goose bumps every time that I’m reading it:

Wine: “ A noble beverage, drawing its tonics from the minerals of the earth
its balm from the sun, sheltered by the vineyard;
Its diversity of fragrances from the breezes that caress its flowers,
delight of epicurean palates, honey of dreams,
culmination of intellects, light which illuminates the spirit,
our lips kiss it, our minds meditate on it. »